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Hearty meals and flavors for every taste.
No artificial flavors/preservatives.


100% whole grain
No artificial flavours
No colours from artificial sources
Good source of Fibre

When do you like snacking? Have you tried swapping your breakfast bar for a morning bar? When we say morning bar we mean Quaker Oats So Simple Morning bars. They’re packed full of wholegrain oats and fibre and come in 3 mouth-watering easy snacking morning flavours: Raspberry & Pomegranate, Fruit Muesli and Golden Syrup.

Quaker Oats So Simple Morning bars are the ideal way to consume your favourite breakfast food while going about your normal morning activities. Snacking with your friends is also possible as there are five bars in each pack. And even though they’re called morning bars you can still enjoy them anytime.


Quaker Oat So Simple Porridge Pots

Quaker Oat So Simple Morning Bars