Feeding the future

At Quaker, we know the huge importance breakfast plays in fuelling children’s learning1. Since 2009, we’ve partnered with the charity Magic Breakfast to donate millions of bowls of Quaker to school children who need them. Because we believe that inside the littlest tummies, burn the brightest fires.

For the 1 in 8 children in the UK at risk of hunger2, an empty bowl is too often the reality at the start of their day. Morning hunger can impact a child’s ability to concentrate and learn in school, with secondary school students who rarely eat breakfast achieving almost 2 GCSE grades lower than their classmates who eat breakfast regularly3.

Here at Quaker we believe that inside the littlest tummies, burn the brightest fires. That’s why, for the past 13 years, Quaker have been proud partners of Magic Breakfast, whose aim is to ensure no child faces the day too hungry to learn and who provide nutritious breakfasts to more than 200,000 hungry children each day.

Quaker has donated millions of bowls of porridge to Magic Breakfast since 2009, providing hungry children with a nutritious breakfast before school lessons – fuelling their concentration and learning4, so they can reach their full potential. This includes our Rolled Oats and Oat So Simple Original sachets, with all products donated by Quaker to Magic Breakfast meeting School Food Standards in England and Scotland.


Quaker in the fight against UK child food poverty

This 2022, Quaker has stepped up our support of Magic Breakfast and has pledged to donate 3.4 million bowls of porridge to children in need. Thanks to your help, Quaker has also donated £50,000 to Magic Breakfast through our special-marked packs that were in grocery stores in February and March. This incredibly helpful donation will help fund breakfast provisions in 10 UK schools for an entire year4. If you would like to learn more about Magic Breakfast and how you can get involved, visit magicbreakfast.com.

Magic Breakfast – Registered charity number 1102510 in England and SC048202 in Scotland.
1 Magic Breakfast Partner School Survey, 2019.
2 Department for Work and Pensions. Households below average income: financial years ending 1995 – 2020. Published March 2021.
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4 The donation will directly fund food aid for ten Magic Breakfast member schools and will contribute towards associated support/operational costs incurred by Magic Breakfast.