Bringing our Best Oats to You

Demand for our oats is high throughout the year, so we work with trusted farmers in fields right across the country, to ensure our best oats are available to you at all times. We plant our Oats twice a year with our Winter Oats being planted in October and then our Spring Oats in March.

Quaker oats go through a cycle of carefully managed stages of growth throughout the year before we harvest the ripe, golden grains. We rigorously check our oats and during the milling process, we kiln our oats at different oven temperatures to slowly develop the Quaker taste.

We deliver high quality and delicious Spring and Winter Oats to our Mill in North East Fife. Each delivery to our mill arrives with a Quaker Oat Approved Passport, a document identifying our proud network of high quality growers and the fields where our oats were harvested. We carefully grade and select each grain so that only the very best oats go into every pack.