Meet our Farmers

From the ground up, we are proud to be working in partnership with around 300 trusted, UK farmers who are experts in the field, to cultivate, plant, nurture and harvest in ways that are resilient. Our growers, which include many multi-generational families, have passed on their knowledge over the years and take huge pride in growing oats for Quaker. Every year our farmers have one eye on their harvest and one eye firmly on a healthy future for their fields.

Meet Matt Waldie - a fourth-generation farmer who manages Gilston Mains in Fife, Scotland, and has been growing Quaker oats for the past decade, close to Quaker’s Cupar mill.

“Growing Quaker Oats has always been a perfect match for our farm. The grain fits well into our crop rotation, and working with a local partner – only six miles away – means our crops barely have to travel before they are turned into the oats people enjoy every day. “It’s fantastic that all Quaker Oats growers are now being given the funding and support to optimise their production, while also protecting the soil and natural environment for future generations”