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Hearty meals and flavors for every taste.
No artificial flavors/preservatives.


100% whole grain
No artificial flavours
No colours from artificial sources
Good source of Fibre

If you’ve been thinking – oh I love the taste of oats but wouldn’t it be great to have them in crunchy clusters - your wishes have been answered. Quaker Oat Granola delivers this by the spoonful, combining crunchy oat clusters with raisins or honey and almond. And for an extra nutritious kick try our Quaker Super Goodness Granola Nutri Boost range.

Those of you who want granola & muesli should try Quaker Oats Muesli. Muesli originally came from the Swiss Alps but has also long since found favour amongst the people of the flatlands. Quaker Oat Muesli flavours include Strawberry, nuts and seeds and the more tropical dates and coconut.

Granola & Muesli

Quaker Oat So Simple Porridge Pots

Quaker Oat Granola

Quaker Oat So Simple Porridge Pots

New Quaker Oat Muesli

Quaker Oat So Simple Porridge Pots

Quaker Super Goodness Granola