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Hearty meals and flavors for every taste.
No artificial flavors/preservatives.


100% whole grain
No artificial flavours
No colours from artificial sources
Good source of Fibre

Some people know that a cereal is a cultivated grass grain but for the rest of us it’s something we normally eat for breakfast – or anytime if you’re a student. Quaker Oat Crisp cereal delivers exactly what it says on the packet, crispy (and crunchy) cereal goodness.

When you add milk to Quaker Oat Crisp cereal crispy light pillows of oat and wheat bran loving float to the surface of your bowl waiting to be enjoyed. And these little bundles of flavour are also good for you, being made with 30% less sugar than other breakfast cereals (on average), and from whole grains which retain more vitamins, minerals and proteins than processed grains.


Quaker Oat So Simple Porridge Pots

Quaker Oats Oat Crisp